Angelino, an Angel in disguise?

It has been about a decade ago when I finally could make an old dream come true, a desire I had since I was a teenager.
What might not sound like a big deal for some people, for me it took two decades to make it happen.

When I was a student to become a veterinary doctor, and later getting my Ph.D. in molecular genetics, I did not have the time nor the money for such, and after that, when starting to work as a scientist, go figure, I never, ever had the time.
I think I had not even noticed that I was turning into a workaholic. I loved researching, I could express my creativity and curiosity and satisfy my need for learning new stuff. Though, I think it, was the circumstances and not necessarily my desire to work 24/7. Nevertheless, this time was a great teacher in many ways, not just career wise and intellectually. Even though I was good at following my intuition and inner voice in general and at work, listening to my personal needs was a luxury, and I often ignored it. I did some quite original research where a lot of creativity was needed, and my firm intuition was very helpful for my work progress.

Anyway! That pivotal year 10 years or so back, I decided to finally give a damn and started to fulfill some personal needs, one at the time.
My dream was to go on a riding vacation, an adventure where you spend all day long on horseback for a week or so.
I very soon found a place in Spain, at the Costa Brava, which had different programs and options, and I was excited. I choose one with a lot of variety, where we would also be riding on the coast. We would ride from place to place, and our luggage was brought after. I could write an entire story only about all the synchronicities and miraculous things that happened from the moment I vocalized my desire and intention to make this trip happen, but this would fill pages. And this story is about my experience with my horse for a week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAngelino, a PRE (Pura Raza Española – Pure Spanish Breed), as Andalusian horses without pedigree papers are called was my companion for this adventure.
We happened to be only three people on this horseback riding trip, and as I was asked if I´d like to take that particular horse, I felt an immediate connection.
The tour guide warned me right away about his stubbornness and also that he might be a bit wild since he was not on tour for three weeks after an injury.
I didn’t mind, I am an experienced equestrian and always up for a challenge.

Totally excited and happy I took Angelino, and we left the camp. After only a few meters I felt he was limping. For a brief moment I felt sad and thought I had to exchange him, but all of a sudden I noticed something intriguing.
He was faking it!
As an intuitive empath and animal empath, I could feel his feelings so he could not hide what was really going on. Telepathically I told him to stop fooling around because I will not put him back into the coral. I said to him that I know he is well and he better enjoy being out there again. This conversation took a few minutes and off we went. From that moment on, we were like melted, and he was the sweetest! We had the best time together, and if I could have, I would have taken him home with me!

Angelino having lunch, while we got our daily picknick

Why did I call him an Angel in disguise; well, firstly his name was Angelino and secondly he reminded me so strongly of my abilities to communicate with animals, which had taken a back seat for many years. This adventure with him brought me back to where I belong, being in Service for Healing.
Being in and with nature and living My Nature.




Children’s Story: Laney’s Friends

I am re-blogging this beautiful story created by my dear friend Noel (TruthYoga and StoryYoga). He writes lovely children books and stories.

Laney’s friends was inspired by me since he knows my gift for Animal healing and Animal communication, so he has dedicated this tale to me.

Very grateful for that!

Here, in the form of a narrated story with pictures of the animals named in the story.

A story for children of all ages, enjoy!

via Children’s Story: Laney’s Friends


Bach Flowers, gentle medicine for your pet

I recently wrote an article about the use of Bach Flowers on my Spiritual and Holistic Healing website Inner Spirit Healing, and since it is also related to the treatment of animals, I will share it here as well, my site for treating animals holistically.

This article is somewhat similar to the one on the site for my human clients, so if you are a subscriber to Inner Spirit Healing you might be inclined to skip this, but I encourage you to read this one too if you have pets because there is some additional information in this article.

This article is mainly for pet owners who try to treat their animal with these remedies without being a trained Bach Flower Therapist. You may not like what I write; KNOW it is written with all my compassion and understanding and with my wish to inspire and encourage You all to learn more about this precious gift of medicine. Learn the subject and notice how they actually work, don`t internet-search ailment and remedy and think that is how it is done. You might get lucky and land a hit, but you should not gamble with your pet’s health.

These Flower remedies are gentle, can never cause harm and are yet incredibly powerful. And they have a real healing purpose. They have been brought to life by the doctor and scientist, Edward Bach, who not only knew his work well but was highly intuitive and in tune with his work and his patients.
In essence, knowing how to use Bach`s Remedies is a skill, it takes knowledge dedication and above all a calling to use them from a heart-centered place.
So I encourage everybody who feels drawn to use Bach Flowers for themselves, their family and their pets, make an effort and study the subject and gather experience before using your pets as lab-rats.

As mentioned on my animal healing page on Bach Flowers, using a wrong Flower remedy will not harm your pet, but it will neither help it. And believing it already gets the help it needs, will postpone the right treatment and may cause harm in the end. I have experienced far too often that people don’t look for help until it is already too late. This is also true for homeopathy. Then the remedies get the blame, and I guess that’s how the myth that they don`t work got created. The truth is, they are quite specific, and the belief of “one fits all” does not apply. A wholistic approach is needed and paractitioners who have the heart, the mind and the skills to work with them.

Many of my clients are alternative therapists and healing practitioners, who also use Bach Remedies for their clients. Naturally, they have tried to help their pet using their own practices, but in the end, they notice they can`t help and come to me. This is very common because being an animal healer requires different skills and gifts. As an intuitive empath, it is natural for me to sense the animal’s energy just as I sense my human client’s energy field. I can also sort out if the issue indeed is about your pet, about you, or a combination of you both.

Just to mention one example; Several essences are helpers in the treatment of fears. Not all anxieties are expressed explicitly as such, and not everything that looks like anxiety or fear is fear. Or the fearful expression is just the uppermost layer and hence visible and the core issue is something very different. Only the trained person will get to the core and pick the correct Flower essence and thus treat the root issue and not the surface appearance.

Another frequent experience is that people believe Rescue Remedy is a fix it all, this could not be further from the truth. They apply it randomly whenever they feel something is wrong with their pet, thinking it will rescue; that’s what the name says after all. No, it will not harm, but it will not help and heal either.

Nevertheless, I will mention two remedies here as an example, because they are suitable for states that even a layperson can identify.

For example, your dog is afraid ONLY of one particular dog or person or thing, or scared of bicycles and not of other vehicles. Meaning, it is undoubtedly fear, and it is tangible and precisely directed toward something or somebody. In this case, Mimulus should work, but as I mentioned earlier especially fear/anxiety patterns are tricky.

Another example is a loss-grief issue. If your pet has lost a companion, be it human or another pet. Be aware it could even be the neighbor pet, another dog on the playground, etc. The Flower Essence “, Star of Bethlehem,” is undoubtfully the right one.

Since especially chronic issues have a bunch of layers, betterment is usually gradual, and changing the essences after days, weeks or even longer may be necessary. In many cases these remedies are a brilliant addition to other treatment, be it Energy Healing / Remote Healing, Chakra Balancing, usage of different energy releasing techniques. I work both, remotely and hands-on and you can also learn some simple tools how you can help your pet energetically.

We have a blind spot for ourselves and also for our pet. If your pet is carrying out something that is yours, be assured, you will be the last to realize that your furry friend is holding the mirror for you or acting like a sponge, collecting your energetic debris in its body. This is the reason why many ailments, especially chronic issues, are misdiagnosed and are not getting better with conventional treatment, let alone being cured.

So my advice, if you love Bach Flower Remedies so much, maybe it is a sign that you should study them thoroughly before you start using them on others. If you are not interested enough to take a course, then use the money for a trained practitioner.

This will make You and your pets happy!




Another message from the Animal Kingdom

Kingfisher`s Message

Kingfisher´s Message

Yesterday morning I was called by the Kingfisher bird.
It was one of those moments when you magically feel drawn by an invisible force to do something for no apparent reason.
I saw the Kingfisher sitting in front of the house on the giant tree, from the window on the second floor.
My only thought then was, that I needed to take a picture of this beauty.

So I told him to please sit and wait until I can grab my mobile and go downstairs. I opened the door and went outside.
He patiently waited, turned his head towards me and then to the side. It appeared he was posing and waiting until I could finish taking the photographs.
I took a couple of pictures and thanked him.
I was amazed that he would sit so long, almost waiting for me. Then he took off.

I have seen Kingfishers around several times, but this one was yet another message from the Animal kingdom. It did not hit me right away, but since his image kept appearing in my inner vision, I just asked what it was he had to tell. And finally, the message came clearly.

Kingfisher`s message was short and precise; not to hang on to what no longer serves and to not get blinded by appearances, as nothing is as it looks from the outside.
I will have to ponder over this one for myself and will do that while being outdoors doing some gardening.

And I know, whenever these messages come that I have to share them because some people out there will understand that this message is also for them.




Can animals die of sorrow?

Can animals die of sorrow?
Honestly, I believe they can! I do not have scientific proof of it, but there is a lot of evidence that it is so. The reason for this short tale is not about a dog dying alongside its owner. We all have heard such stories, I`m sort of believing them, despite I personally have never heard one first hand or experienced anything like that in my surroundings.

This story is about a rooster.
The question came to my mind a few days ago, when I heard that one of my mother’s roosters died.
He was a beautiful white mixed breed and was not yet three years old, so age was not likely the cause of death.

Goldy, as I named him for his white-golden color as a chick, was born 2015 as I spent several months in my hometown in Austria.

Baby chicks
Goldy and Franklin barely a week old

He grew up together with his black feathered sister, Franklin. Yes, I gave them names, and only two chicks were hatching out of nine eggs. It was okay since my mother had no need for more chickens but let the hen have her way when she obsessively wanted to brood.


Last year then, when I was again spending several months in my hometown, for vacation and doing healing work on people and animals I was lucky again to watch baby chicks grow up. Franklin, the black hen, born alongside Goldy, the white rooster, obsessively wanted to brood as well. She was now two years old and a full grown hen. Of small size with shiny, black feathers. My mother took the eggs away for weeks, hoping she would stop but then finally gave in, again. I admit, I was talking a bit on Franklin’s behalf and persuaded my mother to let the hen brood.

Franklin as mom and still three chicks

Since I had access to eggs of the so-called Sulmtaler breed which she actually wanted to have for years, I could convince her. The Sulmtaler is an Austrian breed which originates in a valley of the Sulm river, in southern Styria. We put only five eggs of that particular race in the nest in good faith all of them would hatch. Little did we know, the end result was, as in 2015, one rooster and one hen, and I called them Hedda and Fenrich. In fact, there were three baby chicks, but one was taken by a crow within the very first days. It was quite a heartbreak for us all, and my mother swore never to let the hens brood again. Writing about them would fill pages, since I pretty much was a sort of surrogate mother to them, at least regarding protecting against anything dangerous. Because, Franklin, the mom of Hedda and Fenrich, had no sense of alertness. She was a brilliant mom and teacher to her babies, but she was not protective at all. In contrast to Franklin’s mom, who protected her and her brother Goldy in the most furious way against anybody. It was difficult for me to get close enough to take pictures of them when they were baby chicks.

Goldy and mom
Goldy and his protective mom

When they came into age and were united with the other hens, it did not take long until Goldy took over the regime. His competitor and father was a very small white Silkie mixed-blood, a bit of age and very peaceful, so it was not difficult for him to take over. These two shared the housing and hens in peace until his father died.
Anyway, last time I talked to my mum everything between the two roosters seemed to be fine, but of course, we were both wondering how long it would last. So, until recently there were two roosters in my mothers garden, and everything was okay until clearly Fenrich came entirely into his male power and decided to take over completely.

I have to mention that Goldy was also very peaceful just like his father, but quite a bit larger and he was extremely eager with his hens. To me he appeared quite proud, maybe even a bit vain and he loved to pose when I took the camera out. I could fill the page with dozens of his photographs.

Goldy presenting his beauty

So what happened to Goldy? I was told that he stopped eating and drinking after Fenrich took over the hens. And then he died. I was very sorry and heartbroken to hear that, and I wonder if I could have helped them with Bach Flower Remedies to balance the differences. Unfortunately, I am on a different continent, and I did not get any notice until it was too late. It would have been worth finding out. I had used Bach Remedies and Energy Healing on some of the hens that same summer when Hedda and Fenrich were born. One of the hens, in particular, she was on the brink of death, and she got homeopathy, Bach remedies and local treatment for some wounds, plus Energy Healing. She needed many weeks of treatment, and she was not only getting well on a physical level but had quite a transformation, her name is Missy, and this is a whole new story.

So, the question remains unanswered; can animals die of sorrow and is that what happened to Goldy?


4 legs and ungrounded?

Why or when do pets get ungrounded?

In my Spiritual and Holistic Healing work with people I wrote about grounding and its importance for us humans to both, stay healthy and manifest wisely (check out my post at innerspirithealing if you are interested).

Even though many energy-based issues – for lack of a better term- are comparable between animals and people, in my experience the grounding issue differs strongly.

Nevertheless, there remain some root issues -no pun intended- that are true for people and pets.

As I pointed out in my post about animals chakra system, the base or root chakra is intrinsically involved in this matter. As it is the energetic “distribution center” or interface between “the invisible planes” and the physical body, imbalances can usually be noticed in the corresponding physical parts, if already manifested.

So, why or when do pets get ungrounded?

One principal reason I experience is, again, the “taking on the families/caretakers burden.”
Do you wonder whether you are or were ungrounded? Read my recent post on grounding, or check my innerspirithealing website. It may help you to get insight and more profound understanding of personal matters and if your pet could have taken on some of your issues.

Another reason is, and this is similar to people, sudden, shocking experiences, and events.

If pets lose their home, which unfortunately happens far too often, they lose the base, the root, and footing, no other than a human would. They experience fear, learn distrust and hence become ungrounded until if lucky, they find the right owner and receive the right help.

If they are in a traumatized state or have not yet recovered from it, animals may remain ungrounded after finding a new home, for months or even years. I have experienced this mostly with cats and dogs since these poor creatures are still predisposed to be thrown out when people no longer want them. But I have also met unearthed horses, chickens, and other animals, though, they got there for different reasons.

Also, animals coming from a shelter may need some time to get grounded in the new family. If there are other pets or family members who they do not feel comfortable with, they may stay ungrounded for a long time, or forever, if they don´t receive professional help. It even can, and very probably will, manifest as physical illness or behavioral issues. I assure you, vets, with conventional education only, will not be able to recognize this and help you, respectively your pet.

The beauty of my spiritual and holistic healing practice is that I am equally qualified and experienced to help people as well as their pet companion.

And still another common reason is a dominating foe.

If you have two or more dogs, two or more cats, or a mixture of both and there is one or more dominating among them, the probability that the suppressed ones are getting unearthed is very high. This does not happen if a natural order among them exists, where everybody is happy within its rank. It is far more common if these dominant individuals are put together forcefully, as in some shelters or by animal hoarders. Of course, it can happen if you adopt a new pet to one that is already in your home. Struggles that arise are usually shortlived until they rearrange themselves. In most cases, this process can easily be supported by giving the correct Bach Flower remedies.

In rare cases when siblings stay together, they develop a rivalry instead of a friendly co-existence, albeit this is somewhat rare. If this happens, the cause is more likely to find somewhere else. But this is a whole new topic in itself.

Ps: Don`t you worry, the horse in the photograph is actually having fun 😉







Chakra System in Animals

To the question of whether or not animals have a chakra system. The simple answer is, yes, they do!

The word “chakra” stems from Indian Sanskrit and means wheel. The chakras can be considered as an interface between the physical body and the energetic body and environment. The energy system goes much further than we can imagine. The research of Quantum Physics is catching up with what “sensitives” have perceived for millennia. Rupert Sheldrake, an English biologist, and brilliant scientist is known for his research on morphogenetic fields and morphic resonance. One of his famous books is “Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.” I am confident that the chakra system is part of this morphogenetic/morphic resonance field.

These two cheerful dogs pose as models for the locations of the seven main chakras. The depicted positions of the Chakras are the same for all animals with similar anatomy.
To understand the Chakra location in animals with different anatomy, for example, birds, you have to know the inner anatomy well, since each chakra corresponds to specific organs, body regions, and a nerve plexus. The chakra connection is not limited to the physical body, in contrast, it is expressed strongly through emotions and behavior.

In fact, the chakras are a highly complex system. So I will only touch but one example here very briefly. The first chakra, Sanskrit Mūlādhāra, is also called root chakra and is located at the base of the spine and perineum. The corresponding nerve center is the coccygeal plexus. This chakra has a lot to do with the feeling of belonging, grounding and literally with the roots.

You may wonder why your pet would care about its roots?
In fact, it could be about you and not your animal. It could be one of those cases where your pet is just a mirror, or sharing your burden on a physical level. Having issues with grounding, your roots, financial worries, physical security, belonging, etc. are among base chakra symptoms.
Bone and back issues in your pet could be a sign, as well as hysteric behavior, over-anxiety, and an exaggerated one-person fixation. These are just a few, general examples.

On the other hand, if it is the pets issue, it could stem from a traumatic experience, like leaving its tribe. For example, when it was taken away from the mother to early.
Chakras never “act out” alone. As they function interconnectedly, it can even happen that a First Chakra cause is mainly expressed or at least visible in another chakra. In many cases, it would be the third chakra.

As an empath, I often perceive imbalances in the chakra system. These perceptions help me to narrow down and often to distinguish the causes of an ailment. However, even without intuitive skills, a trained eye can notice to a degree the location of an issue. Certain physical expressions, postures and behavioral expression give you a hint of where to look. Not all imbalances are manifested in the physical immediately, in some cases, it can take weeks or even month until a physical dis-ease is noticeable.

Energy healing techniques, like chakra balancing and even distance healing, and also Bach Flower Essences can bring an unbalanced system back on track.
Even these powerful tools are merely one piece of the whole approach. You, as caretaker are an essential part of your pet’s environment. You can learn some simple tools and understand your animal better. As the connection with your pet is improved more joy to everyone involved is guaranteed.