Another message from the Animal Kingdom

Kingfisher`s Message

Kingfisher´s Message

Yesterday morning I was called by the Kingfisher bird.
It was one of those moments when you magically feel drawn by an invisible force to do something for no apparent reason.
I saw the Kingfisher sitting in front of the house on the giant tree, from the window on the second floor.
My only thought then was, that I needed to take a picture of this beauty.

So I told him to please sit and wait until I can grab my mobile and go downstairs. I opened the door and went outside.
He patiently waited, turned his head towards me and then to the side. It appeared he was posing and waiting until I could finish taking the photographs.
I took a couple of pictures and thanked him.
I was amazed that he would sit so long, almost waiting for me. Then he took off.

I have seen Kingfishers around several times, but this one was yet another message from the Animal kingdom. It did not hit me right away, but since his image kept appearing in my inner vision, I just asked what it was he had to tell. And finally, the message came clearly.

Kingfisher`s message was short and precise; not to hang on to what no longer serves and to not get blinded by appearances, as nothing is as it looks from the outside.
I will have to ponder over this one for myself and will do that while being outdoors doing some gardening.

And I know, whenever these messages come that I have to share them because some people out there will understand that this message is also for them.





Author: Your Holistic Vet

DVM, Ph.D., former medical scientist, Certified Healer, Bach Flower Therapist, Holistic Animal Healing

6 thoughts on “Another message from the Animal Kingdom”

  1. Wow, amazing colors on that Kingfisher!! You seem to have a way with birds when it comes to preening for their 15 seconds of frame fame : )

    I like his message, so very true, inspires some self reflection.

    Enjoy the gardening (lucky!!) Still a few months away from unfrozen soil in Minnesota : ( But it was 38 on average the last two days : )

    Cool tree trunks too btw, what kind of tree is that?

    P.S. Guess who was within 7 feet of an owl two nights ago on a hike? Got pictures with the cell phone, couldn’t believe it! Looked up taking a walk, and was staring directly at an Owl’s backside up on a tree. It didn’t even look at me or fly away! Though I walked on quickly as to not disturb, and he looked, but didn’t move. Too cool, been having crazy luck with owls lately.

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it seems the Owl is your Animal Spirit Guide at least for this phase in life 🙂 They sometimes stay, but often change.
      About a decade ago I was accompanied by a Snowy Owl and a Mountain Lion for a period. Then I had a Wolfe with me for a while, which, interestingly, another clairvoyant healer saw as well, when joining a weekend gathering. That was for me a very cool experience… I mean, I knew the Wolfe was with me, but that somebody else could notice this too was a new experience for me.
      These Animal Guides still check in every now and then, I think I have a whole parade of them because of the work I´m doing 😉

      The tree is Delonix regia, flame tree, of the Fabaceae family. Thanks, I did and do enjoy the gardening. Still harvesting my daily tomatoes, then helping in The Botanical Gardens to balance out the Holistic Healing work.
      I hope you have some indoor plants and herbs that make your life green while outdoors everything is deep frozen 🙂

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      1. That’s really cool about the Snowy Owl and Mountain Lion; have to be careful about being followed by the latter lol! The Snowy Owl though..very lucky, have only seen that one, but it was the most majestic animal I’ve ever seen.
        That’s really cool, there’s definitely something there about the animal guides checking in.
        Wow, have never heard of the tree, very, very cool name to match the branches : )
        I’ve got to get some tomatoes going this year, they are about 300x better than the store bought ones!!
        I really should do some indoor herbals, I have quite a few plants I’ve built a collection of, and their so fun to maintain and watch grow. Have a Buddhist Pine that is the favorite, but enjoy them all!

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